Inequality for All


U.S. Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, tries to raise awareness of the country's widening economic gap.

Director: Jacob Kornbluth

Impact Goal 

Drive the issue of income inequality to the top of the 2014 national policymaking agenda.


  • Developed a State Capitol Tour and partnered with local legislators and organizations to host 48 screenings at or near state capitol buildings with 3,218 total attendees
  • Held 300+ screening events at colleges
  • Held 740 house parties with Democracy for America
  • 7,000-person conference call with Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the house parties


  • 167 legislators attended the screening events
  • 25,000+ petition signatures with
  • 9 states that hosted screenings of Inequality for All as part of their local movements to raise the minimum wage successfully passed legislation in the weeks following

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