JR x TIME MAGAZINE: The Gun Chronicles


Dealing with the complex and often controversial issue of Guns In America, the French artist, JR, photographed 245 people from three cities – St. Louis, Washington, D.C., and Dallas – to construct a mural for TIME magazine. Choosing people from all sides of the polarizing debate (veterans, teachers, hunters, doctors, people afraid that guns may kill their children, and people afraid they won’t have guns to protect their children) JR created a powerful image that he envisions as a table where we might gather to actually listen to one another.

Impact Goal

Foster meaningful dialogue and find common ground about one of America’s most polarizing topics, guns in America, using the interactive live mural that the artist JR created for the cover of TIME Magazine.


  • Picture Motion facilitated and executed a 10-city tour across America to bring JR’s live mural to communities who would have something to say about their relationship with and/or views about guns
    • Picture Motion set up and facilitated a grassroots initiative for organizations and individuals who wanted to use the mural as a tool for discussion in their town


  • 10 City museum tour: 1,615 total attendees
  • 81% of attendees surveyed said that the mural was an effective tool to drive conversation, and that they felt more informed after seeing it
  • 69 Grassroots requests, with an estimated audience size of 21,095 attendees

Watch the Trailer