Cynthia Lowen’s powerful documentary, NETIZENS, highlights three women as each wages war against one of the internet’s most malevolent forces: prevalent and un-policed misogyny, harassment, and stalking. Directed at thousands of women daily by way of social media, it lies in plain sight, and its ramifications never remain only online. The documentary follows three women who are targets of harassment as they confront digital abuse and strive for equality and justice online. The film deftly depicts not only the forms digital abuse can take, from non-consensual pornography to invasion of privacy, but also the consequences for its victims.

Impact Goal

Develop an impact campaign strategy for how NETIZENS can drive change around digital harassment and abuse.


  • Research and connect with organizations and experts in the field to inform and potentially partner to execute an impact strategy
  • Curate messaging and proper framing to talk about and navigate the issue delicately
  • Identify target audiences, dates of awareness and festivals related to the issue to incorporate into the impact campaign


  • Created an impact strategy that included 9 main impact initiatives to tackle the issue of cyber harassment and abuse and bring the film to the audiences that can promote change including safety talks with tech companies, law enforcement trainings, privacy bootcamps for women and girls, and screenings for state policy makers.
  • The impact strategy also included a digital initiative, website development ideas, and a nontheatrical grassroots distribution plan.
  • Garnered interest and commitments from 12 partners including the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, Without My Consent, Unslut Project, RAINN, and Human Rights Watch

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