Science Fair

Science Fair Featured image
Science Fair Featured image

About the Campaign

Filmmakers follow nine high school students from around the globe as they compete at an international science fair. Facing off against 1,700 of the smartest teens from 78 countries, only one will be named Best in Fair.

Director: Cristina Costantini

Impact Goal

Showcase National Geographic’s commitment to uplifting storytelling and STEM, while raising awareness of the film during its theatrical release and screening tour, particularly engaging students.


Conduct targeted outreach across 8 key theatrical cities to increase awareness and drive box office ticket sales.
Organize field trips for students to enjoy an educational documentary in a special, theatrical setting.
Coordinate with educators and community members to host their own screenings of the film.


schools and 6 organizations engaged with 4,522 total tickets purchased across 8 cities
total screenings, reaching an estimated 304,054 students and community members
1 in 4
surveyed screening hosts indicated that their students were more motivated or inspired to take part in a science fair or intensify their involvement in STEM after watching the film
Screenings hosted in 2,244 cities within all 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C., along with 5 additional countries

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