Won't You Be My Neighbor


Fred Rogers used puppets and play to explore complex social issues such as race, disability, equality, and tragedy, while helping to form the American concept of childhood. He spoke directly to children and they responded enthusiastically. Yet, today, his impact is unclear. Have we lived up to Fred's ideal of good neighbors?

Director: Morgan Neville

Impact Goals

Continue to engage fans of Mr. Rogers on a community level, find creative ways to use the film to directly help organizations and people in need, as well as to keep Won’t You Be My Neighbor top of mind, in the news, and on social media.


  • Organize community screenings around the country, and ensure the themes of Mr. Rogers's show - reaching out to, getting to know and helping your neighbors - are brought to life.
  • Encourage hosts to pair their screenings with an initiative to help their community (ex: donation drive, fundraiser)
  • Facilitate spaces for reflection and conversation for communities
  • Create discussion guide in conjunction with Fred Rogers Center providing questions, and suggested activations for screening hosts


  • 324 total screenings with over 10,000 estimated attendees
  • 25% of attendees were previously unfamiliar with Mister Rogers but felt inspired to carry on his legacy after their screening

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