A Thousand Cuts

a thousand cuts preview
a thousand cuts preview

About the Campaign

With press freedom under threat in the Philippines, A Thousand Cuts goes inside the escalating war between the government and the press. The documentary follows Maria Ressa, a renowned journalist who has become a top target of President Rodrigo Duterte’s crackdown on the news media.

Impact Goal

Generate buzz and educate audiences on the work and trial of journalist Maria Ressa, as well as the threats to democracy posed by disinformation and press freedom violations on the global stage.


Engage key press freedom, pro-democracy, and gender justice organizations to activate their networks and create new resources.
Identify, and in some cases implement, key virtual screening event opportunities.
Develop and implement online digital activations that will inform the film’s channels and Maria’s supporters about the issue space.


Partner organizations engaged to promote the theatrical release, host special events, or develop unique initiatives around the film
A robust presence, event screening and talkback at the World Press Freedom Conference 2020, hosted virtually and in-person at The Hague
Promotional partners had a combined 8.4+ million social media following
Digital Citizenship Week activation on the film’s social media channels

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