The Problem With Jon Stewart - Season 2

The Problem With Jon Stewart
The Problem With Jon Stewart

About the Campaign

Jon Stewart wields his signature humor in this Emmy nominated series, walking through America's most persistent problems and trying to find solutions with people at the highest levels of power...if they'd only return his calls.

Impact Goal

Increase awareness around Season 2 of THE PROBLEM WITH JON STEWART, and push for continued conversations and engagement around each topic, especially within social justice and social impact communities and implementing organizations.


Identified and engaged with a diverse range of national organizations, subject matter experts, and thought leaders, prompting promotional support from 37+ organizations (with some overlapping episodes).
Identified and conducted outreach to 170 social micro influencers to drive organic engagement and support around the series, securing 10 in a promotional capacity.
Drafted and sent targeted promotional emails in accordance with each of the 12 episodes’ Apple TV+ release dates to 2,775 contacts working in the respective issue area spaces.


Reach Across Social Partner Posts and Influencer Posts
Total Contacts Targeted Via Promotional Email Outreach
Total High Profile National Partners Engaged Series Promotion

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