Growing Up

Director, Brie Larson (front, second from left), with Sophia, Gavin, Alex, Amiri, Athena, Sage, Isabel, Clare, Emily, David and Vanessa of Disney's GROWING UP. (Credit: Disney/Anthony Artis)

About the Campaign

Created by Brie Larson and Culture.House, “Growing Up” is an innovative hybrid docu-series that explores the challenges, triumphs, and complexities of growing up through ten compelling personal stories. The series uses narrative, experimental, and documentary filmmaking to follow one casted individual, ages 18-22, as they tell their story. They represent a wide range of lived experiences, giving audiences emotionally powerful narratives that offer an engaging look at the diverse social, familial, and internal obstacles individuals face on their path to self-discovery and acceptance. Each 30-minute episode features one person, or “hero,” and their experiences growing up. Alongside their interviews, creative cinematic reenactments help bring major inflection points to life.

Impact Goal

Develop an impact campaign targeting young adults, families and teachers, and organizations, to increase awareness around the issues facing today’s youth–notably mental health and wellness, racism, sexism, disability, toxic masculinity, depression, and anxiety–and encourage them to utilize the whole series or individual episodes in their work and share with their communities.


Conduct a Grassroots Screening Tour to give access to educators, youth leaders, and family organizations to host a screening
Develop and distribute a Screening Host Toolkit and Discussion Guide.
Create Digital Impact Hub where viewers can learn more & take action.


Partners engaged for strategic conversations
National promotional partners
Grassroots screenings & watch parties
Total estimated screening attendees
Views of the discussion guide and digital resources

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