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In October 2019, 30-year-old Shamony Gibson tragically died 13 days following the birth of her son. Two months later, we began filming Shamony's surviving mother, Shawnee Benton Gibson, and bereaved partner, Omari Maynard, as they began to process what happened and figure out their new normal. In April 2020, 26-year-old Amber Rose Isaac, died due to an emergency c-section. Within weeks of Amber's death, Omari reaches out to Amber's surviving partner Bruce McIntyre and a lifelong bond is formed. Together, Omari and Bruce begin the fight for justice for their partners with their families and community by their side, while caring for their children as newly single parents. Through the film, we witness these two families become ardent activists in the maternal health space, seeking justice through legislation, medical accountability, community, and the power of art. Their work introduces us to a myriad of people including a growing brotherhood of surviving Black fathers, along with the work of midwives and physicians on the ground fighting for institutional reform. Through their collective journeys, we find ourselves on the front lines of the growing birth justice movement that is demanding systemic change within our medical system and government.

Impact Goal

Be the formative film on women’s health in the US. Catalyze a movement to eliminate racial disparities in the delivery of Black maternal healthcare in the US by sharing stories of the damaging impact of racial disparities featured in the film. Cultivate critical conversations with various organizations, communities, influencers and legislators around Black maternal health inequities.


Develop robust partnerships with organizations that can support the mission of the film by promoting its message through grassroots screenings, impact events, and digital promotion.
Produce 2 virtual impact events promoting the film featuring Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL), Rep. Adams (D-NC) & actor Matt McGorry.
Facilitate virtual and in-person community screening events that align with the campaign’s mission.


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