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From Oscar-winning filmmakers Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, WILD LIFE follows conservationist Kris Tompkins on an epic, decades-spanning love story as wild as the landscapes she dedicated her life to protecting. After falling in love in mid-life, Kris and the outdoorsman and entrepreneur Doug Tompkins left behind the world of the massively successful outdoor brands they'd helped pioneer -- Patagonia, The North Face, and Esprit -- and turned their attention to a visionary effort to create National Parks throughout Chile and Argentina. WILD LIFE chronicles the highs and lows of their journey to effect the largest private land donation in history.

Impact Goal

Increase awareness around the film, Wild Life, and the work of Tompkins Conservation and their land preservation and rewilding accomplishments and initiatives; educate audiences on the impact of industrialization on parks, wild life, and natural resources; and amplify the need for continued environmental preservation and the protection of the wild.


Identify a diverse range of target audiences, communities, organizations and educators to drive organic support and connection to the film
Develop an impactful educational discussion guide and screening toolkit to support community pre and post screening conversations.
Facilitate virtual and in-person community screening events that align with the campaign’s mission.


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