Drowning In Silence


About the Campaign

A mother takes a transformative journey after losing her son to the silent epidemic of childhood drowning. She goes on a quest for answers and ways to make a difference in the midst of tragedy.

Impact Goal

Increase awareness around the epidemic of childhood drowning in the U.S., promote awareness around the film via its digital release and screening tour, educate audiences around preventative measures and actions, and rally support around legislative action that pushes for water-safety.


Provide production management and promotional support for an established impact event in D.C. for Black History Month - A Conversation on Equity in Aquatics
Produce and implement the Drowning in Silence: D.C. Advocacy Screening & Conversation impact event at the Motion Picture Association theater in D.C.
Facilitate virtual and in-person community screening events that align with the campaign’s mission.
Conduct a review of the existing discussion guide and resource materials, and provide a strategic assessment with recommendations.


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