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free solo tn 2

About the Campaign

Professional rock climber Alex Honnold attempts to conquer the first free solo climb of famed El Capitan's 900-metre vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park.

Impact Goal

Increase visibility and awareness for Free Solo’s theatrical release, drive theatrical attendance for Free Solo in select cities, and inspire students to work through their bucket lists and pursue their goals.


Conduct targeted outreach to schools across 15 cities.
Organize field trips including ticket purchases and bus rides, for thousands of students.
Provide students with Free Solo Bucket List notebooks and a letter from Chai & Jimmy, and an opportunity to write to Alex.


students and young people saw the film
Field trips were organized for over 5K students and educators
With the inclusion of field trips, Free Solo set a documentary record at the box office for opening weekend
Showcased National Geographic’s commitment to inspiring young adults to pursue their goals, no matter the obstacles

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