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In homage to Black silent films of the 1920s, Lauren Finerman directs a poignant story about a young woman named Rose (Misty Copeland), who has had to place her dreams on hold to care for her mother, Gloria (Christina Johnson), who is living with dementia. A potent subtext to the film is the housing affordability crisis that's devastated the Bay Area. As Rose struggles to keep a roof over their heads, she watches the neighborhood around her fade away much like her mother's memory, until the mysterious Sterling (Babatunji Johnson) helps to highlight the power of community and the strength found through unity, bringing Rose renewed hope for the future.

Impact Goal

Increase awareness around the Flower film and the newly launched Life in Motion Production company, and educate audiences about the issues and themes displayed in the film including intergenerational equity, the housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area, the importance of dance and creativity, and elder care.


Identify a diverse range of target audiences, communities, organizations and educators to drive organic support and connection to the film
Distribute an impactful resource guide and screening toolkit with calls to action to support community screenings and encourage pre and post screening conversations.
Develop robust partnerships with organizations that can support the mission of the film by promoting its message through grassroots screenings, impact events, and digital promotion.


Total Grassrooots Screenings
Clicks and Downloads Across Digital Assets
High Profile National Partners Engaged for Promotional Support

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