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The Color of Care is a new documentary that traces the origins of racial health disparities to practices that began (before and) during slavery in the US and continue today. Using moving testimony from those who lost loved ones to COVID-19 and frontline medical workers in overwhelmed hospitals, it interweaves expert interviews and powerful data to expose the devastating toll of embedded racism in our healthcare system. The Color of Care is produced by Harpo Productions with executive producers Oprah Winfrey, Terry Wood, and Catherine Cyr. The film is directed by OSCAR®-nominated and Emmy® award-winning director Yance Ford, with producer Kate Bolger, James Blue and Tim Evans are executive producers for Smithsonian Channel, with producer Najma Nuriddin.

Impact Goal

Develop a nation-wide impact campaign in collaboration with Smithsonian Channel and Harpo Productions around The Color of Care documentary to address racial inequities in healthcare targeting medical schools and areas with the poorest resources and healthcare access and high COVID-19 death rates.


Conduct a Grassroots Screening Tour to give access to schools, orgs, and institutions to host a screening, including developing and distributing a screening host toolkit and Discussion Guide (in English & Spanish)
Create Medical Advisory Board to provide expertise, credibility, & reach.
Outreach to partners encouraging them to execute Special Activations.
Create Digital Impact Hub where viewers can learn more & take action.
Provide support to Smithsonian Affiliates seeking to share the film with their networks and communities through screenings and activations.


Clicks of discussion guide, toolkit, interest forms, and resources
Partners engaged for screening tour and promotion
Confirmed grassroots & marquee screening events with 5K+ total estimated audience across screenings
Visits to the digital impact hub
Additional special activations executed by partners included in-person events, livestreams, podcasts, non-profit streaming, inclusion at conferences and events, and dedicated web placement on their sites

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