The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom featured 3
The Price of Freedom featured 3

About the Campaign

The Price of Freedom is an unflinching look at the gun violence epidemic in America and the role the National Rifle Association, with its outsized political and cultural influence, has played over time. The NRA believes the deaths of innocent Americans are a necessary price to pay for the freedom to own firearms without restrictions. By manipulating the narrative around guns and backing politicians who commit to upholding their agenda, the NRA has cost us far more than we realize. Featuring passionate pleas from President William J. Clinton, Representative Lucy McBath (D-GA) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT); NRA Board Member and former NRA President David Keene, and activists on all sides of the issue, The Price of Freedom presents a compelling case for those brave enough to take a stand against the NRA in defense of our communities and collective future.

Impact Goal

Raise awareness and engagement around the film by developing robust partnerships with organizations and communities to further their existing advocacy efforts around gun safety and reduce and eliminate the NRA’s stronghold over elected officials through screenings, conversations, and in-person activations.


Organize (in-person + virtual) thematic and host-led screenings for groups affected by gun violence, especially those historically marginalized.
Establish virtual screening windows in key target cities to encourage attendees to host their own screening at a later date.
Facilitate expert and activist-led discussions to educate audiences about the history and influence of the NRA, the effects of gun violence in their communities, and how to take action with target partners in their region.
Collaborate with the MASS Design Group to provide screening audiences and partners with a series of in person object collection events for families affected by gun violence.


Attendees across virtual screenings and conversations
worth of organic media placement secured for the film’s broadcast premiere
million total reach of screening hosts and partners
screenings partners secured
virtual screenings organized
object collections programmed alongside screenings

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