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Directed by Chinonye Chukwu with a screenplay by Michael Reilly & Keith Beauchamp and Chukwu, TILL tells the heartbreaking true story of the historic lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till — for alledgely whistling at a white woman in Money, Mississippi in 1955 — through the eyes of his mother Mamie Till-Mobley. This is what makes the film so compelling, it’s told from the perspective and experience of a Black woman and is co-written and directed by a Black woman. Mamie Till-Mobley is a widowed single mother who is the head of her household, the only Black woman working for the Air Force in Chicago, who simply wants a better life for her son. Till-Mobley becomes a revolutionary by insisting that the world witness the horror of her brutally maimed son’s body in an open casket viewing as an act of defiance against oppression and hate. “I wanted the world to see what they did to my boy," she said at the time. Till-Mobley also gave the exclusive rights to Jet Magazine to publish the images of her son’s maimed body which caused the lynching to gain worldwide noteriety. A mother’s audacity became a lightning rod in the Civil Rights Movement and propelled her to reluctantly become an outspoken activist for the NAACP advocating for social justice and education.

Impact Goal

Host theatrical community screenings for the film in various cities across the country, and partner with local and national organizations working in civil rights and social and racial justice to host talk back sessions.


Research best markets to host screenings and facilitate those screenings with Q&A/talk-back sessions and impactful actions following the film.
Foster partnerships with local and national organizations focusing on social justice, civil rights, youth issues, and racial equity in an effort to educate their communities about the film and have impactful actions taken after watching.
Influencer outreach in various community screening markets for (pro-bono) social media support to encourage turn out.
Help curate the TillJustice.com webpage with a focus on organization and initiative selection.
Facilitate outreach for New York Film Festival (NYFF) Educational screenings in various cities, and support with outreach/invites for the film’s LA premiere event.


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Other Campaigns

Raise awareness and engagement around the film by developing robust partnerships with organizations and communities to further their existing advocacy efforts around gun safety and reduce and eliminate the NRA’s stronghold over elected officials through screenings, conversations, and in-person activations.

Develop a nation-wide impact campaign in collaboration with Smithsonian Channel and Harpo Productions around The Color of Care documentary to address racial inequities in healthcare targeting medical schools and areas with the poorest resources and healthcare access and high COVID-19 death rates.

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